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Prose and Cons: Poems Against the Brexit Machine

An antidote to Brexit bile: Prose and Cons: Poems Against the Brexit Machine

Vexed by Brexit? Insane about Remain? Many people do not believe they now have the right to right the wrong that was Brexit. These include fatigued Remain voters, and Leavers in quiet regret. How then do we unlock the paralysis that has gripped our parliamentary decision makers?

Brexit rose on a devil’s cocktail of naked populism, lies, and a large wad of dirty cash. It will be ended by a more thoughtful version of popular activism, in which the Rage Against the Brexit Machine project leads the way. We reach people’s visceral centres – penetrating their heads via their hearts. Our writers in this book contribute to the cause via Prose and Cons, song lyrics, poems and prose published just in time for Christmas. We come from all over Europe – united not by dogma or politics but with one vision: to Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain.

Our feeble excuse for a government still cannot explain the motive for the Brexit crime. They cannot tell us which version of Brexit we are aiming for hard, soft, clean, dirty, black, blue, retro, trance nor point to any significant benefits of leaving the EU. Indeed, it has become plain that Brexit offers us a bleak future of privatised health and social care; unprotected employment conditions; a servile economy of low wages; environmental rape; and a Brexodus of major industries from the UK.

We seek a better Britain in a united Europe – that’s hardly a sonnet, but you get the general idea. Poetry alone won’t stop Brexit: it is like a hydra, which grows new heads when attacked, shapeshifting to avoid a fixed position. We hope that our contribution weakens the monster in some small way, while doing some good for a basket of charities from the Teenage Cancer Trust to Save the Children and Water Aid.

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