There are only a few days before we go to the polls.  It’s time to get serious.

As an organisation, our first concern is to help return a Remain Parliament that will stop Boris Johnson’s disastrous Brexit and deliver a People’s Vote.

Our membership is drawn from supporters of all parties and none.  We have friends and fellow campaigners who are passionately committed to the parties that may lose out as a result of tactical voting in Barnet.  But the threat of Brexit and another five years of Boris Johnson is so serious that it’s simply imperative to vote for the party best placed to see off the Tory threat to our community.

So in answer to your increasingly urgent queries, let’s be clear:

In Chipping Barnet, the tactical vote is LABOUR (EMMA WHYSALL)

In Finchley and Golders Green, the tactical vote is LIBERAL DEMOCRAT (LUCIANA BERGER)

In Hendon, the tactical vote is LABOUR (DAVID PINTO-DUSCHINSKY)

This is in line with the unanimous advice given by all the tactical voting websites (listed below*).

Make no mistake – Barnet will be a poorer, meaner and less tolerant place should Theresa Villiers, Mike Freer and Matthew Offord retain their seats.

Remember – Brexit is for life, not just for Christmas. 

Please, vote tactically on 12 December and urge your friends, relations and colleagues to do likewise.  As a tactical voter, you are not voting FOR Jeremy Corbyn, or FOR Jo Swinson.  You are not voting AGAINST the Green Party.  You are voting to STOP Boris Johnson, to STOP Brexit and voting FOR a Peoples Vote.

Do this, please.  For your family, for your children, for our community.

*If you want to check out the detail on the tactical voting sites the below links will help:

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