On Feb 9 2018 CB4EU posted the letter quoted below to Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet.

Despite the fact that we posted the letter by hand to her constituency office, we were informed several weeks later (and only after we chased it up) that her office had no trace of the letter.

We were then promised that, regardless of the missing letter, a meeting would be arranged. We are after all, constituents of Chipping Barnet.

Since then, despite some follow up emails from us regrettably nothing has happened. We did get contacted by Ms Villiers office after the Barnet Borough Times reported in its letters page that we were still waiting for our promised meeting.  But sadly…still nothing.. .so here’s a little timer for us to keep track of how long it might take for us to be able to have a meeting with our elected representative

We’ve been waiting for a meeting with Theresa…


[countup date=”09 February 2018″ width=”800″ height=”200″ color=”#FFCC00″ bgcolor=”#000099″ link=”false” radius=”8″]


and here’s the text of our letter:


We are writing to you in our capacity as Co-Chairs of Chipping Barnet for Europe, to invite you to meet with us and some of our Committee members and hear our concerns about the impact leaving the EU would have on Barnet voters.

Chipping Barnet for Europe is a growing organisation (we have recruited 100 new members since the turn of the year) drawn from supporters of all parties and none and which is dedicated to making the case for continued membership of the EU.  We are the local expression of the national campaign to ensure that people have the chance to vote on any Brexit deal agreed by the government, with the option to remain in the EU if, as seems increasingly likely, that deal leaves us worse off.

As you know, in the 2016 referendum, Barnet residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU.  Evidence for the damaging effect of Brexit continues to mount.  Jobs are moving from Britain to Europe.  Recruitment to the NHS is collapsing as doctors and nurses from the EU27 return home because they no longer feel welcome here.  Rather than getting extra cash for the NHS, we are spending millions on replicating arrangements that we currently share with our European partners.  Internationally, Britain’s reputation is becoming tarnished.

Across the country, MPs from all parties are realising that the tide is beginning to turn and that (particularly in Remain constituencies) Remain supporters are prepared to break with traditional party loyalties to ensure that their voices are heard.

We appreciate that you are a busy and committed MP with a very crowded diary.  We are therefore content to leave the timing and venue of our meeting to your Constituency Secretary.  Brexit is a hugely important issue that will affect all Barnet voters.  We should therefore be grateful if the meeting can be scheduled before the start of the Local Election campaign eats further into the time available to you.

We look forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely,




Vicki Harris                                                                     Martin Earl